crack pop fizz

...the sound of opening a bottle of pear fanta from the local lawson.

film snaps (some of these scans are super shitty) in chronological order from my time in tokyo and kyoto with nina, gen, mandy and katherine. this was my first trip overseas with friends and it was a frickn blast!! sometimes i would have to pinch myself about the fact that i was walking the streets of shibuya at 9:30pm on a weeknight in search of sweet potato, or biking through nara at sunset, or idly watching nina almost burn down the airbnb. these two weeks will definitely be unforgettable - thanks, u sokenbichas. love and miss my onigiris. (lowkey miss getting notifs from splitwise lol)

lots and lots happened, and i had so so so much fun, but i guess what happens in japan stays in japan (unless u watch these vlogs hehe)