october right now 10月の「今」

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so i saw this on reese's blog and thought it would be a cute idea to keep up with every month. since it's the last day of october i thought i should better get this damn list up before time ticks over. (as u can see i am a nerd).


making: pages of wwi notes
drinking: water
reading: kafka on the shore by murakami haruki  
wanting: new muji highlighters
looking: at the time
enjoying: school work :))))
liking: eating corn
bookmarking: this beautiful shop!!!
hoping: to finish my english homework today!!!!
needing: more time to do my english homework
wearing: comfy clothes that look like pyjamas
following: @rolaofficial ♥ ♥ ♥
thinking: about what i should do for history extension
feeling: motivated to get shit done
snacking: on corn
listening: hello by adele!!!

作ってる: 現代史の、第一次世界大戦のノート  
飲んでる: 美味しいお水
読んでる: 海辺のカフカ
欲しがってる: 無印の蛍光ペン
楽しんでる: 学校!!
ブックマークしてる: この素敵なお店
必要としてる: 時間!!
着てる: パジャマみたいな部屋着
フォローしてる: ローラのインスタが好き!
考えてる: 現代史のリサーチトピックは何にしようかな
食べてる: トウモロコシ!!
聴いてる: アデルの新曲「ハロー」