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A bit of a different post today. Fun fact: candid photos make my heart all warm and fuzzy. I love candid photos, and I love these photos of Nina so I thought I would share them ^_^

We never really have set plans and just walk around exploring the city, and on this day we decided to venture into unknown territory and walk across to North Sydney. The Harbour Bridge was very windy, and North Sydney wasn't that interesting. But Nina found us a cute place called Bay Ten Espresso near Milsons Point station, after getting lost in quiet residential streets and returning a lost credit card. By the afternoon, we somehow ended up back in Paddington, looking for Heart of Darkness and waffles (which we walked all around the city for, and found on Pitt St). I haven't walked that much in a while so came home to non-functioning jelly legs, but also a bunch of cute pics so all good (~˘▾˘)~ I think we might be going camera hunting next, or maybe just for ice cream.


友達とは予定とかあんまり作らないで、いつもシティーをぶらぶら歩きながらおしゃべりをしてるの。で、この日はハーバーブリッジを過ぎてノースシドニーまで行ったよ。学校ない。でもやっぱりノースはあんまりやることなかった笑 ランチはミルソンズポイントの駅の近くでサンドを食べて、またハーバーブリッジを超えたよ。パディングトンの本屋を巡ったり、ピットストリートでワッフルを食べました!いっぱい歩いて疲れたけど、楽しかった〜〜!!今度はどこに行こうかな〜(๑•͈ᴗ•͈)



top, lazy oaf / shorts, hand-me-downs / shoes, hand-me-downs

So far these holidays, been eating a lot of ice cream and only thinking about studying. Shorts and shoes are from my mum (what's new~~~) and they're from around 25 years ago when she used to live in Osaka. Glad that the weather's getting colder and the days are getting shorter, and that's all for today!! Keep warm ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

秋休みはまだあんまりやってないなぁ〜 アイスクリームばっかり食べてて、勉強は全然進んでないぃぃ。着ているパンツと靴はママが25年前大阪に住んでいる時の物で、今はあんまりお店で見ない服だから気に入っているの。シドニーも最近寒くなってて、可愛いアウターを着るのが楽しみ!


fragments of summer 2014/15

It's been a whiiiillleeeee. Here's my Fragments of Summer video for the summer just gone. Snippets of my skydive (!!) and cutest little baby cousin from Japan + a few snaps!! Hope you are all well ^_^

またまた、久しぶりって事になっちゃったね。読んでいるみんなは元気ですか?私は今日から秋休み〜〜 で、これは夏休みのビデオです!私がスカイダイビングした時の映像もあるし、可愛い可愛い沖縄の従姉妹の映像もエンジョイ!