sculpture by the sea

I've always wanted to go and see the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition but somehow miss it every year... Except this year! It was kind of gloomy last Saturday but who cares about weather, right? The walk along the beaches was lovely and soothing, and there was a variety of sculptures out on display. It was an overcast Saturday afternoon so it wasn't that crowded, which was also lovely. My favourite sculptures were the glass ball (photo #12), the red head (#13) and the colourful rock (#11). The girl posing in front of the red head sculpture was pretty cute too.

毎年行きたいなぁ~って言ってた「Sculpture by the Sea」に今年やっと行けた!ちょっと天気が悪かったけどそのせいでそんなに人が居なかったからよかった。それに、雨は降らなかったから大丈夫だった。ビーチを散歩しながら色んな素敵な彫刻を見るのはすごく楽しくてリラックスできた。私のお気に入りの彫刻はガラスのボール(12番の写真)、赤い頭(13番)と色鮮やかな岩(11番)。赤い頭の前で写真のためにポーズしてた女の子も超可愛かった。