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Currently digging Destiny's Child, and addicted to berry smoothies. Planning of going to the beach, volunteering and just freakin' chilling out after my last two exams are over (textiles and Japanese!). Also planning to buy a new bus ticket, pigging out on chocolate pizzas and writing some notes before my last two exams are over. Independent Women Part 1 is my favourite right now, it should be yours too.

最近はデスティニーズ・チャイルドにはまってます。Independent Women Part 1 が今の一番好きな曲です。皆も聞いてみてね!学校のテストが終わったらビーチに行ったり、ボランティアしたりするのを楽しみにしています。学校のテストが終わる前に最後の科目のために勉強して、友達とチョコレートカフェに行く予定をしています。


spring chicken

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Brenda & Sophia!

photos by brenda, sophia and myself

Flashback to the holidays when I spent a lovely day at The Grounds and wandering around Newtown with cute people, Brenda and Sophia. Topics of the day included Kevin Bacon the pig, food/how hungry we were and how much we've studied (or how not-much we've studied) for yearlies. Well, yearlies is right now (!) and I should get studying for tomorrow's exam. We get exam leave at school, so no classes for seven school days and I'll be home at around 11 every day! Hope everyone is having a lovely week!



wild berry mix smoothie

The way I make my favourite wild berry mix smoothie at home! This stuff (+ sunlight coming through the window) keeps me going when I'm studying, because we all know how bland that is...

  • Frozen berries
  • Frozen banana
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk
  • Muscovado sugar

Basically just blend it all in a blender until the consistency is smooth. Easy as! You can adjust the amount of milk and yoghurt depending on how thick you want the drink to be, I always just eyeball the amounts (because I'm lazy). I also like adding in a banana and muscovado sugar to give it some extra oomph, flavour-wise. Yum!


  • 凍ってるベリー
  • 凍ってるバナナ
  • ヨーグルト
  • 牛乳
  • 黒砂糖




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There are a few reasons why I wore these overalls for four days in a row. A little because it's denim, I'm lazy and it's so super comfortable but mostly because it has so many damn pockets! Five big pockets and two small pockets, perfect for your phone and keys. And multiple pockets so big that they can fit everything, including my copy of A Clockwork Orange, it's probably time to say goodbye to your purse and run around flapping your arms just because now you can.