caramel daisies

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Somehow ended up in the IKEA car park and learnt that it is a prime location to take photos of planes that pass by; since the airport is super duper close. If you're into that sort of stuff, go check it! But otherwise let's just say that I've gone back to being five years old with Minnie Mouse buns and a daisy bobby pin (which is literally from when I was five), oh and don't forget the animal socks! A bit of a feisty five year old I think, wearing tigers on her feet.



cheer me up

Been feeling a little down and a lot uninspired but tumblr is fabulous.




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Long time no see! Sorry for the absence, things had just gotten a bit busier than planned. But since the holidays are here, I am planning to rise back from the dead. Will be posting in both English and Japanese from now on.
Went for a bit of a bold look today; drawing inspiration from Harajuku (loving this youtube channel at the moment), and mixing girly and sporty. Got a few strange looks from old women carrying their groceries on the street, but hey, they were carrying groceries; and my mum approves so all is good.