Uniqlo Haul

Ultra Stretch Jeans

カマワヌ (Kamawanu) Graphic Tee

Nippon Omiyage Graphic Tee

Cropped Denim Shirt 

Guess who was squealing when the postman came... Me! This order from Japan is actually my Christmas present from last year (no, the shipping didn't take four months, I only ordered these a couple of weeks ago). I was especially excited for the two pairs of jeans because before this order I didn't own a single pair of normal blue jeans. And the best thing about these? You can actually customise the length, which is great for a shorty like me. The are great quality and super comfortable. They are also really stretchy I could dance in them!

Whenever you order from Uniqlo you can't not look through their UT collection. I mostly end up buying tees from the men's section since their designs are much cooler, but the ladies' and kids' section also have heaps of cute tshirts! I love the really traditional Japanese goldfish print on the first tee, and the cute modern print (that says Narita Airport) on the second.

The last thing I ordered was a simple shirt. Polka dots and denim - some of my most favourite things! Super comfy and cute, love it!

Ahh, I just love Uniqlo. Cheap, cute and great quality. If I'm blowing a whole bunch of money at once it's probably at Uniqlo (exclusive Japanese-ness, cheap prices, huge variety of prints and basics).