the locked room

top, cotton on / cardigan, ses / jeans, jay jays / creepers, t.u.k (urban outfitters)

I got a haircut! It might not be that short but compared to my 'normal' hair it is quite a drastic cut. I cut about 20cm - 30cm off! I've wanted it cut off for a while but my mum was too attached and wouldn't let me, but she finally gave in the last time we went. It's so much lighter and sometimes I get a little shock when I catch my reflection in the mirror. My hair hasn't been this short for... pretty much my entire life!

Now the outfit. Inspired by the main character, Enamoto, from the Japanese drama Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋/The Locked Room) and also Asian parent approved. I quite like it, even if it's very simple and quite student-like. I like the appearance of the gold buttons against the fire engine red cardigan and the unexpected huge leather creepers (which weren't so mum-approved at first, but now she likes them a bit).

P.S. I now have an account at What I Wear, which I attended an event for a couple of weeks ago. Go and check it out here!