the locked room

top, cotton on / cardigan, ses / jeans, jay jays / creepers, t.u.k (urban outfitters)

I got a haircut! It might not be that short but compared to my 'normal' hair it is quite a drastic cut. I cut about 20cm - 30cm off! I've wanted it cut off for a while but my mum was too attached and wouldn't let me, but she finally gave in the last time we went. It's so much lighter and sometimes I get a little shock when I catch my reflection in the mirror. My hair hasn't been this short for... pretty much my entire life!

Now the outfit. Inspired by the main character, Enamoto, from the Japanese drama Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋/The Locked Room) and also Asian parent approved. I quite like it, even if it's very simple and quite student-like. I like the appearance of the gold buttons against the fire engine red cardigan and the unexpected huge leather creepers (which weren't so mum-approved at first, but now she likes them a bit).

P.S. I now have an account at What I Wear, which I attended an event for a couple of weeks ago. Go and check it out here!

Clarence St

top, jay jays / jacket, habu box / shorts, ses / creepers t.u.k (urban outfitters)

Went out with my girlfriends last Saturday! We rocked the karaoke place in the city. Channelled my inner Christina Aguilera, and belted out some Adele. Oh, and also some Ke$ha, Katy Perry and One Direction! Don't worry it was only 11:30 in the morning, and raining super hard. Lucky I wore my new creepers, keeps me off the ground and my feet dry. You can already see in these photos that my baby hairs are going crazy after becoming in contact with the rain.

I'm also kind of feeling the American high school vibes with the baseball tee and the varsity jacket. Except my shirt has a huge Mickey Mouse on it and my varsity jacket has fluffy elements to it (my favourite part of it!). I love the maroon colours against the marshmallow like white fluff (which is kind of cream now...). I bought it from an awesome ass tshirt shop in Okinawa, Japan (reppin'!). They sell heaps of epic graphic tshirts with Okinawan slang which I find so funny and cute. I always visit whenever I go back!

denim to frills

top, uniqlo / dress (worn as a skirt), japan / shoes, naturaliser / bag, cplay

Obviously felt a bit more girly than I usually do last Tuesday! I wore this outfit out to the movies with my mum, since it was cheap Tuesday. We watched the ballet documentary, First Position, and it was simply amazing. All six dancers that the film followed were beautiful and absolutely breathtaking when they danced. The documentary followed six dancers from across the globe that were training for the very prestigious competition, Youth America Grande Prix. The movie was just amazing, and it made me want to train harder, watching all those young dancers putting their heart and soul into their art form. It was very inspiring and I definitely recommend you go and see it even if you don't dance.

After the movie we popped into D'ough and I bought myself an apple crumble (typical!). It was delicious, I mean, just look at that pastry! Ahh, délicieux!

Uniqlo Haul

Ultra Stretch Jeans

カマワヌ (Kamawanu) Graphic Tee

Nippon Omiyage Graphic Tee

Cropped Denim Shirt 

Guess who was squealing when the postman came... Me! This order from Japan is actually my Christmas present from last year (no, the shipping didn't take four months, I only ordered these a couple of weeks ago). I was especially excited for the two pairs of jeans because before this order I didn't own a single pair of normal blue jeans. And the best thing about these? You can actually customise the length, which is great for a shorty like me. The are great quality and super comfortable. They are also really stretchy I could dance in them!

Whenever you order from Uniqlo you can't not look through their UT collection. I mostly end up buying tees from the men's section since their designs are much cooler, but the ladies' and kids' section also have heaps of cute tshirts! I love the really traditional Japanese goldfish print on the first tee, and the cute modern print (that says Narita Airport) on the second.

The last thing I ordered was a simple shirt. Polka dots and denim - some of my most favourite things! Super comfy and cute, love it!

Ahh, I just love Uniqlo. Cheap, cute and great quality. If I'm blowing a whole bunch of money at once it's probably at Uniqlo (exclusive Japanese-ness, cheap prices, huge variety of prints and basics).

What I Wear Sydney Fashion Bloggers' Gathering

Valencia from What I Wear

Ethel from Fashiondiction, Cass from Cee Me More and Rachel from Rachel Bambi

Jess from Mind Body Shop

Ethel and Cass

Margaret from La Petite Mademoiselle and Camille from Frilly Skirts

Camille's beautiful hair!

Siree from The Hidden Thimble

Margaret and PixelHazard from Bright Green Laces

Me with Cass and Valencia


Gorgeous Jess!

Signing the inspiration board

All the polaroids that we took!

Last Saturday (the first day of the holidays, woot!) I attended the What I Wear Sydney Fashion Bloggers' Gathering. It was my first ever gathering with other bloggers so I was a bit nervous but it was so much fun! You guys have no idea how excited I was when I got the invitation email from Valencia. It was hosted by a fashion site called What I Wear, and we talked about how to make the online fashion blogging community a better place.

It was so great meeting other fashion bloggers from Sydney (and talking about how awkward it is taking photos in public) and making new friends. The dress code was black, white and orange, and it was such eye candy seeing all the outfits of all the other bloggers (this is the outfit that I wore). I hope we can meet up again in the near future, and maybe extend our blogger circle!

Also, a big thank you to Valencia and What I Wear for a lovely afternoon. I had so much fun, and the Guylian cafe was the perfect place! I learnt so much, and met heaps of lovely people, thank you.


top, hand-me-down / skirt, dotti / shoes, kmart / bag, cplay

Unpopular opinion: I love winter way more than summer and I am stoked about the rain we are getting in Sydney at the moment. What's more relaxing than going to sleep to the sound of rain, and waking up to the sound of rain! And don't forget all those cosy nights reading a good book, and weekend outings wrapped in knitwear. Ahh, I seriously cannot wait for winter to come, and for the holidays! I can't wait for DVD marathons, slumber parties, café visiting and market exploring. Oh, and all the knitwear and jackets, the longer skirts and the lace up boots.

Seriously, winter ftw!