long bus rides


Playing Mario Kart in the buses on the way to camp has become kind of like a tradition to us. It's the only time we get out our old little DS's.

I took the window seat (of course)!

The Digital Three Sisters

The Film Three Sisters

Carolyn and Tricia!

Here to watch the sheep and cattle show!

smelly sheep.

All the sheep, the cows and a cute little miniature horse.

Lunch outside where the sheep live.

Just because flowers are so photogenic.

And more flowers.

On the way to the fossil and mineral museum.


Mineral crystals.

More mineral crystals.

Dinner on the first night at a local pub.

Digital Cowra Japanese Garden

Film Cowra Japanese Garden

I love taking photos of flowers, okay?

More flowers, of course.

Kokeshi dolls inside the cultural centre.

Fish fossils

A single butterfly wing that we found.

by Shanni

karen (by shsun)

karen #2 (by shsun)

Over looking Bathurst from the top of Mount Panorama

Bathurst on film


On the way home.

Camp. The only time my Nintendogs get fed and eating Pringles at 10:30pm is acceptable. And probably also the longest time you will sleep on a bus. But if you're spending two nights and three days with your study buddies, seeing many beautiful places and being able to star gaze at night, it's all good.

The highlights of my three days exploring central west NSW was probably the mineral section of the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, going crazy in the cabins after a long day on the road and the beautiful, beautiful flowers. Hey, what did you expect? Haha. If you prefer moving image, I vlogged as well! Hope you enjoy!