top, hand-me-down / shorts, diy (urban angel) / jacket, hand-me-down (just jeans) / sneakers, kmart / watch, baby-g

long floral necklace, equip / bear necklace, japan / other necklaces, diy

Getting a bit trendy here! Usually I never care for trends because, you know, they come and go. But the whole denim ensemble thing, I am totally digging. Probably because that means I can wear jeans and denim jackets at the same time; jeans = comfy, and denim jackets are my favourite thing to sport.

I added a few necklaces, two of which I made when I was about six or seven years old (you can probably guess, haha!), my favourite watch and a silver ribbon (which probably come off the packaging of some chocolates).

Ahh, I am so in love with this and it's so totally comfy that I'll probably wear it again. Thinking of taking it to school camp. If I ever see you on the street wearing this exact number, don't judge it does get washed...