Like Winter

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Just yesterday it felt like winter again but today I'm sweating again! This is crazy! Anyways, this is what I wore yesterday, when it was cold enough to wear tights and a jumper. I am definitely in love with these high-waisted shorts!

I wore this out to my brother's futsal (indoor soccer) state championships. I'm not sure how many of you are also into sport but I actually really love watching soccer #factoftheday. It was a very long day, with three matches starting at 1:30pm. My brother's team won all of them and also won one game today, which took them to the quarter finals but unfortunately lost before getting to the semis. Nonetheless it was a great weekend, exciting and thrilling!

Juicy Sweet Denim

After a whole day of dancing yesterday I decided to train and walk my way to Broadway (shopping mall in Sydney, no shows!) to do a little bit of shopping. Today was actually the day that my store credit expired for a kids clothing store called Gumboots so I went, because who wants to waste store credit?

Since the scorching weather is coming up I went in wanting something fresh, summery and cool (as in cold and nice, not funky cool. Well, not really...) and since I've been wanting a pair of high waisted denim shorts for a while now, I had my eye out for the perfect pair. And guess what, I found them!

They are a lovely blue, cuffed at the bottom and studded around the edges with cute little heart studs! I'm in love with how they are casual but have a little touch of girly fun, and they are also a little bit stretchy making them those extra points comfier!

And I guess the best part about them is that they are adjustable! For those long days at the park having a BBQ with family and friends, and maybe eating a little more than you planned...

They also came with a cute little cherry charm! I'm really loving these shorts and I can't wait to wear them out!