Today was the annual festival in my local area. It was on from 11am this morning but I wasn't there from the morning because 1) I wake up at 11 on Sundays and 2) I went to my brother's futsal match. But I did go later on in the day with my brother. There was a lot of food from different cultures, entertainment, craft stores, clothes stores, everything!

A cute stall full of badges!

Raspberry sorbet from Serendipity. Some of the best ice cream out!

Gozleme for lunch. Of course the usual spinach and cheese!

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And here's a photo of my neighbour's cat. He's starting to like me now, but he ran away just after I took this photo. I think he got scared of the shutter noise.

Polka Dot Blouse

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I'm really liking the whole dressing down a piece at the moment. So today, I took this very feminine and dainty looking blouse (that my auntie and uncle sent me all the way from Japan!) and paired it with some black denim jeans to still keep it casual while looking cute.

And I was also bothered to do my hair this morning so I curled it! I love curled hair, if you didn't know already; and hair ribbons too!

Also, if you haven't noticed already I changed my blog template! I'm really liking the web font, the nav bar and of course the star shaped sparkles! What do you guys think?

Family Style

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I would rather not post photos of my bare feet because they aren't that attractive (because I am a ballet dancer) but these shoes that my aunty and uncle sent me from Japan are just too cute to go untouched! I am really loving them, and I think are going to be great for going out, especially in the summer.

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Sorry, you won't be seeing his whole face because... my mum said no. Haha!

In faith I gave it to the judge's clerk

I haven't been posting lately because I have been out and about for the last few days, and mainly for school! *Gasp!* I know right, I usually hate doing things related to school during the holidays but this is a major group project that involves cameras (yes!) and a whole heap of food, well at least for my group.

Yes, it was for English and it was Shakespeare (10 points to you if you can guess the play from the script above!). We had to film a scene from the play The Merchant of Venice and... that's basically it! Sounds simple but it was very complicated! Holiday plans, memorising script and filming, it didn't start that great as we couldn't memorise our script and were a bit camera shy but it ended on a high note (fortunately!).

All the filming was done at the Royal Botanic Garden over a span of three days (yeah I know, for one scene!) but the three days went by really quickly because I did spend it with my friends and there was a lot of food to munch on. Oh, and on the first day we encountered a dead rat in the middle of the park but I don't think I'll post a photo of that...