The Royal Botanic Garden

Yesterday was the last day of term 3 (finally!), and instead of a day of classes the whole of year 8 went on a beautiful excursion to The Royal Botanic Garden. I was very excited to take some nice photos of nature but in the morning it was very cloudy and overcast. And then it rained... But lucky after it cleared up to a lovely blue sky.

We were there to learn about plants, which we are currently learning about in science. The first half was classes with people from the gardens but the afternoon we were free to roam around and explore the beautiful park.

We got let off at quarter to three and I walked to Pitt St with my friends. To get Moochi, of course! What else would we get? This time I got biscotti yoghurt with honeycomb and crumbles.

And on the way there we saw a really funky old lady at the traffic lights. She was sporting a really cool hat on her head!

Of course, the polaroids from yesterday!

And here's a photo of my neighbour's cat, just because.