Call me a total weirdo but I'm going to blog about food and soap. Yep, I'm going to talk to you about chocolate, jam and foamy soap!

So, I don't usually eat that much chocolate but my mum had left me a whole block of the new Cadbury chocolate and I couldn't help myself but eat it! It was the new marvellous creations chocolate. The goodness of Cadbury milk chocolate with popping candy, jelly beans and smarties. Okay, it doesn't sound that great but it is seriously so amazing! I could eat it forever! The texture is really weird, chewy and creamy and crunchy all at the same time, but I seriously can't get enough of it!

My friend from dancing also gave me a cute little box of Guylian chocolates as a late birthday present and just on Saturday I got to share it with my family. It tasted as good as always but it's a little too rich for me so I only had one of those (and saved the rest of my stomach for the Cadbury goodness).

Also, I came home from school today and treated myself to 4 slices of raspberry jam-ed toast. Call me an even more of a weirdo but I might just be a tad bit obsessed with jam. Berry jam to be exact. I eat it on toast for breakfast and also when I get back from school. And my favourite brand is Dick Smith's. It's just so good, okay?

And when I went to wash my hands, like a little good girl, before eating my toast I found some new stuff in the bathroom. My mum had bought, especially for me, some new soap. Not just any soap but foamy soap that smells like pink grapefruit goodness. IT ACTUALLY SMELLS SO GOOD! I was seriously just sitting at my computer smelling my hands when I first washed my hands.

Okay, I get really excited over weird things.