Candy Candy

I was home alone the whole day and I really didn't eat good things except for breakfast. I had 4 pieces of raspberry jam-ed toast, strawberry yoghurt and a cup of milk. Then for lunch I had 3 raspberry yoghurt tops muesli bars and a self-made, really dodgy omelette. Then for afternoon tea/before dinner snack I had candy and a soda flavoured ice candy block thingy.

Yeah, not the best.

But it tasted good!

Grape flavoured whistle candy! It's a Japanese candy that I used to eat all the time! You put it between your teeth and breath in air and it makes a whistling sound, and it's super loud. I used to get in trouble all the time for being too loud with these candies!

They also come with a bonus toy. The side of the box says if it's for boys or girls, obviously my brother didn't check because I got a boys box. It came with a little green spinning top.

And a bottle full of soda flavoured ice candy!

And here's a nice little song about candy!