The Royal Botanic Garden

Yesterday was the last day of term 3 (finally!), and instead of a day of classes the whole of year 8 went on a beautiful excursion to The Royal Botanic Garden. I was very excited to take some nice photos of nature but in the morning it was very cloudy and overcast. And then it rained... But lucky after it cleared up to a lovely blue sky.

We were there to learn about plants, which we are currently learning about in science. The first half was classes with people from the gardens but the afternoon we were free to roam around and explore the beautiful park.

Fair Day

My mum and her friends at the Japanese stall

Two days ago, on Sunday, was the biannual fair day at my local primary school. I love school fêtes, especially at my old primary school, because there is a great variety of food from heaps of different cultures and a whole bunch of fun stuff! This year there was a lot of great food, fun rides, awesome entertainment and some cute little stalls.

Vietnamese, cakes, Thai and flowers to name a few; but you could also pick up some great books, second-hand clothes and toys and some cool crafty things!

It was also the school's 30th anniversary so here are some of it's birthday cakes! Aren't they just so cute, almost too cute to eat!

Candy Candy

I was home alone the whole day and I really didn't eat good things except for breakfast. I had 4 pieces of raspberry jam-ed toast, strawberry yoghurt and a cup of milk. Then for lunch I had 3 raspberry yoghurt tops muesli bars and a self-made, really dodgy omelette. Then for afternoon tea/before dinner snack I had candy and a soda flavoured ice candy block thingy.

Yeah, not the best.

But it tasted good!

Grape flavoured whistle candy! It's a Japanese candy that I used to eat all the time! You put it between your teeth and breath in air and it makes a whistling sound, and it's super loud. I used to get in trouble all the time for being too loud with these candies!

They also come with a bonus toy. The side of the box says if it's for boys or girls, obviously my brother didn't check because I got a boys box. It came with a little green spinning top.

And a bottle full of soda flavoured ice candy!

And here's a nice little song about candy!


Call me a total weirdo but I'm going to blog about food and soap. Yep, I'm going to talk to you about chocolate, jam and foamy soap!

So, I don't usually eat that much chocolate but my mum had left me a whole block of the new Cadbury chocolate and I couldn't help myself but eat it! It was the new marvellous creations chocolate. The goodness of Cadbury milk chocolate with popping candy, jelly beans and smarties. Okay, it doesn't sound that great but it is seriously so amazing! I could eat it forever! The texture is really weird, chewy and creamy and crunchy all at the same time, but I seriously can't get enough of it!

My friend from dancing also gave me a cute little box of Guylian chocolates as a late birthday present and just on Saturday I got to share it with my family. It tasted as good as always but it's a little too rich for me so I only had one of those (and saved the rest of my stomach for the Cadbury goodness).

Also, I came home from school today and treated myself to 4 slices of raspberry jam-ed toast. Call me an even more of a weirdo but I might just be a tad bit obsessed with jam. Berry jam to be exact. I eat it on toast for breakfast and also when I get back from school. And my favourite brand is Dick Smith's. It's just so good, okay?

And when I went to wash my hands, like a little good girl, before eating my toast I found some new stuff in the bathroom. My mum had bought, especially for me, some new soap. Not just any soap but foamy soap that smells like pink grapefruit goodness. IT ACTUALLY SMELLS SO GOOD! I was seriously just sitting at my computer smelling my hands when I first washed my hands.

Okay, I get really excited over weird things.

+ Vivian

Today was a very, very nice day. I went out to the city with the lovely, lovely Vivian! She is super adorable and super amazing! We went out to buy a gift for a friend and just nice stuff for ourselves.

We met up at Central and walked our way to Market City in Chinatown. Crazy because Vivian has like never been there! Anyway, we went to Rubi and Jay Jays and Vivian has already spent almost $50. She's crazy. She bought some really funky boots that were reduced to $15 from $60 (score!), and a Minnie Mouse shirt from Jay Jays. I bought a matching shirt too! Aren't we cute?

Then we walked our way to Pitt St. On our way there we were on the lookout for cute clothes, but I ended up at Fuji Pan! I bought a raspberry pie and green tea melon bread. SUPER DELICIOUS.

When we got to Pitt St we got Moochi. It was Vivian's first time having Moochi, which was pretty exciting. Today I had pomegranate yoghurt with strawberries and crumble. It tasted really good, probably the best combination that I have tried so far (though I am yet to try green tea yoghurt or the mochi toppings).

At this point we had decided that we weren't really shopping for things anymore, we were just hanging around and having fun. So we decided to walk to Broadway (which Vivian had only been to once!) but we didn't really look around, we went to the park opposite the shopping centre. We had so much fun at the park. I'm not joking. We took weird random photos and laughed our heads off. And we took some beautiful polaroids too.

This was inside the shopping mall, in the food court.

The park all blurry! (I'm a bit obsessed with unfocused scenery pictures at the moment)

Vivian being her gorgeous self.


This was on the way home.

When I think back about today it makes me smile. It was so much fun hanging with Vivian, and she is super gorgeous! VIVIAN, WE SHOULD GO AGAIN! Though my feet are killing me at the moment from all the walking we did today...