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Today, after my brother and dad came home from soccer training, I decided to go out with my dad. We caught a train to Town Hall and started browsing the city. We were looking around for a book store since my dad wanted to check out some HTML/CSS/computer madness book to study. We ended up at the huge Dymocks on George St. It's been a while since I've been there, but has it gotten bigger?! My goodness, it's 2 floors with a cafe and everything! Booklovers heaven! But I was hanging around the stationary section... Anyway, my dad found a good book, I got my present from my brother (a pink notebook) and we headed off to World Square.

Of course we walked to World Square (my dad got warned by my mum before we left that I walk a lot, haha!) and straight into Priceline! For my birthday (which was a couple weeks back) my parents said they would get me a curler (and ウラ嵐マニア, but that's a different story) so I went to check some cheap ones out! Unfortunately the Priceline in World Square didn't have any so we decided to walk to Broadway.

But before we left for Broadway we went to Fuji Pan Bakery to buy some yummy Japanese bread! We got some black sesame filled bread, green tea melon bread, pork flake bread and a berry tart. I love Fuji Pan so much! They have such delicious bread I could eat all day!

When we got to Broadway, yes, straight into Priceline. They had the curler I wanted so we got that and then walked to the park across the road. At the park we ate the bread, took some photos and just chilled for a bit. I've never really spent time at that park but it's quite big, beautiful and calming in the middle of a busy place like that! I want to spend some time with friends and family some day over there.

my berry tart!

And while we were waiting for the bus (which took forever to come) I took one polaroid!