Yesterday was Sunday and I was being a total lazy bum. I was meant to do a whole lot of school work but why would I? Haha, I ended up wasting time.

Yes, as usual eating my Taiyaki-kun for snacks! This time my mum bought the mini ones so I ate two!

My mum also bought me this stick of Puccho gummi! This is the white strawberry flavour. On the packaging it says「幻の白いいちご」which means the legendary white strawberry! Or something magical along those lines. And in Japan the white strawberries are called「初恋の香り」which means the fragrance of first love. I think it's super cute! But the gummi tasted like normal strawberry flavoured gummi.

And also, I was getting so restless and jittery I went outside and took photos of myself. Looking back I think my procrastinating skills were on an unusual high yesterday. Oh gosh.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now! And the bro's coming back real soon! Excited!