Today is the 24th, which means my brother flew off to Japan on his own! I am so jealous, I really want to go back to Japan! He is going for a month, and attending school there as well. I woke up at 5:30am and was off to the airport!

I didn't have any breakfast before leaving the house so at the airport I had a donut and berry smoothie! Hadn't had a Krispy Kreme and so long almost had forgotten how great they taste!

After we checked in Luke's baggage and all that stuff he left with an air-hostess and my parents decided to hang around until his plane left. I think they were a bit worried about him.

So we walked up to the observation deck to see if we could see his plane. We couldn't... So we went back down to the food court area and we could see his plane from the huge window so we waited there. And when the plane started to leave we were all waving. I think my dad was getting teary...

After Luke's plane went up into the sky and we came back home it was only 10 o'clock so we had a little break and then I went shopping at Broadway with my mum. This was my outfit for the day. I wore my skirt that I got for $10 and my favourite lace up boots, with my REAL sweater.

And these are the things I bought today. I went to a lot of different shops but I only bought stuff from this cute little shop called Gumboots. It's kind of like Pumpkin Patch but so much cuter and nicer and better and all that good stuff! I bought a mirror for $2.95, tights for $12.95 and cute red and white polka shorts for $14.95! I can't wait to wear the shorts, they are so adorable! I'll wear them with tights because you know, it's winter...