Hakuna Matata

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Maxi skirts and flowers on my tshirt? I think it's summerrrrrr! And I've also been loving the white school socks + white sneakers ($4 from kmart, by the way!) combination for almost anything! It looks very casual but put together, and it's super comfortable. I also love the white because it's such a timeless colour, and yes, goes with absolutely anything. You can dress down dresses and also accent a pattern filled outfit with a simple, bold, bright pair of sneakers. And did I tell you this works with anything, and everything?! I wouldn't say they're an investment since they were $4, but definitely an essential in anyone's closet. 

Joyeux Noël

I know I am super late, but I hope everyone had an amazing, amazing Christmas! I hope all of you had a lovely day with family and friends, ate lots of delicious food and received (and gave) many wonderful presents!

I hope everyone spends the rest of 2012 with lovely people, having heaps of fun. I will be back again to wish you all a happy, happy, happy new year (hopefully not late next time)!

Be Silly, Be Free.

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Well it's that time of year, isn't it? The time when I throw on some random clothes that I wouldn't wear throughout the rest of the year and just prance around. The silly season.

I really love this dress. The pattern is just gorgeous and the colour is beautiful as well. I just really don't like the cut; the spaghetti straps and the cut of the top. So I put on a top underneath! It kind of looks bizarre but I'm a comfort > everything type of girl; most of the time.

I actually had heaps of fun in the garden of my unit, dancing around and being free. I guess it was doomsday when I took these, I probably was in a #YOLO type mood. Haha, at least we're all still here! Maybe I can prance around in the garden again!

Summer Joy

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The beautiful Julia!

On the first day of the holidays (and supposedly the last day on earth) I spent the day at the Botanical Gardens with a group of my friends to celebrate Summer's birthday! It was a beautiful day, a bit windy, and the perfect temperature to be hanging out at the park!

Julia and Priscilla

These balloons were actually filled with helium. Guess what we did! Yup, sucked it all out and sang (and swore a bit...) with chipmunk voices!


Julia and Geneve being cute.


Human Pyramid!

Polaroid of the amazing four!


Julia and Vivian


Vanessa and Julia

The selfie circle




I think you can tell, we all had a great time! We came dressed up a bit and then let our spirits free in the open fields. I think it was the best way to spend our first day of summer holidays (and the last day on Earth!).


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It's been a long time since we've talked, hey? I'm sorry. It's not that I don't want to be here anymore (I actually really do so much!) it's just that the pace of life these days has swept me off my feet. Don't believe me? Look at my ankle.

I've been really busy with rehearsals and performances for the annual Schools Spectacular show. Which was super amazing and actually more spectacular than you ever could've imagined.

Even after Spec I had rehearsals for my annual ballet concert and a performance at school too. And then I rolled my ankle... I still performed last Monday at school but I had to help backstage on Tuesday at my ballet concert. I was really disappointed since it was meant to be my first pas de deux ever. But I guess these things happen to all of us.

I'm recovering well now! Except for the fact that I have one kankle most days...

Schools almost out for 2012 (7 days to go!) and I seriously can't wait for the holidays. I will definitely be blogging more and maybe a bit of vlogging? What do you guys think, what do you want to see? Maybe some dance related stuff?!

Anyway, hope all your ankles are doing better than mine! x

Like Winter

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Just yesterday it felt like winter again but today I'm sweating again! This is crazy! Anyways, this is what I wore yesterday, when it was cold enough to wear tights and a jumper. I am definitely in love with these high-waisted shorts!

I wore this out to my brother's futsal (indoor soccer) state championships. I'm not sure how many of you are also into sport but I actually really love watching soccer #factoftheday. It was a very long day, with three matches starting at 1:30pm. My brother's team won all of them and also won one game today, which took them to the quarter finals but unfortunately lost before getting to the semis. Nonetheless it was a great weekend, exciting and thrilling!

Juicy Sweet Denim

After a whole day of dancing yesterday I decided to train and walk my way to Broadway (shopping mall in Sydney, no shows!) to do a little bit of shopping. Today was actually the day that my store credit expired for a kids clothing store called Gumboots so I went, because who wants to waste store credit?

Since the scorching weather is coming up I went in wanting something fresh, summery and cool (as in cold and nice, not funky cool. Well, not really...) and since I've been wanting a pair of high waisted denim shorts for a while now, I had my eye out for the perfect pair. And guess what, I found them!

They are a lovely blue, cuffed at the bottom and studded around the edges with cute little heart studs! I'm in love with how they are casual but have a little touch of girly fun, and they are also a little bit stretchy making them those extra points comfier!

And I guess the best part about them is that they are adjustable! For those long days at the park having a BBQ with family and friends, and maybe eating a little more than you planned...

They also came with a cute little cherry charm! I'm really loving these shorts and I can't wait to wear them out!


Today was the annual festival in my local area. It was on from 11am this morning but I wasn't there from the morning because 1) I wake up at 11 on Sundays and 2) I went to my brother's futsal match. But I did go later on in the day with my brother. There was a lot of food from different cultures, entertainment, craft stores, clothes stores, everything!

A cute stall full of badges! www.lilypaddesigns.com.au

Raspberry sorbet from Serendipity. Some of the best ice cream out!

Gozleme for lunch. Of course the usual spinach and cheese!

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And here's a photo of my neighbour's cat. He's starting to like me now, but he ran away just after I took this photo. I think he got scared of the shutter noise.

Polka Dot Blouse

top, japan / jeans, jay jays / flats, rubi / bag, cplay

I'm really liking the whole dressing down a piece at the moment. So today, I took this very feminine and dainty looking blouse (that my auntie and uncle sent me all the way from Japan!) and paired it with some black denim jeans to still keep it casual while looking cute.

And I was also bothered to do my hair this morning so I curled it! I love curled hair, if you didn't know already; and hair ribbons too!

Also, if you haven't noticed already I changed my blog template! I'm really liking the web font, the nav bar and of course the star shaped sparkles! What do you guys think?