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it always takes me so long to start writing in blog posts. i dont think im very good at writing, and im worse at trying to voice my opinions but i feel a little weird posting photos with no writing. i dont want to explain these snaps bc i hate when people just explain whats happening in the shots - images speak for themselves anyways, i think - but i want to type a few words just as a little catch up.

school is pretty much the only thing on my mind these days, and while its such a drag sometimes i try to make the most of it. even when we all complain about that bitch teacher or dread that assessment block coming, i think its important to take each moment as an opportunity - or look back in hindsight to reflect and move on when things get really shitty and stressful. i can only speak from my own experiences, and my own journey of self-love and growth, and i try and choose to accept each day as what it is. although i cant fucking wait for the end of the year to come (japan, i miss you) i think it would be a huuuuge waste to let this time go now, expecting to be able to live it up later. high school can be shitty, especially year 12, but i think i love it now. of course at the end of the year i will be fucking livinggg for those 3 months travelling alone in japan (!!), but the best best thing i can do right now is to make the most of now. i want to do lots of things that i love and share those things with the people that i love, but right now i also want to push through the shit storm that is hsc and expand my beautiful nerdy brain as much as i can. learning and nurturing and being around the beautiful classmates that i have, i feel happy as a year 12 student (except for when i do jack shit even when i have considerable amounts of time, but im working on that too).

that was probably very very messy and repetitive but im not going to apologise bc i tried my best to write down what i have been thinking about and internalising for a while now. i think this post is more a reminder for myself than anyone else, and writing about myself feels quite selfish, but thank you for reading if you have got this far. i want to start talking more and writing more, especially about things that i feel passionate about, but we will see... i don't think i will retype this rn in japanese, but maybe (and hopefully) i will when i find the time soon. with only about 3 months until graduation, idk im realising that time is actually very very precious...

if anyone was wondering, photos were shot on an olympus trip 35 sporadically between february and now



it's been a while since i've posted, but i've been so so busy with school. year 12 is a struggle to maintain time-wise but i honestly think if i work hard and push through, this year will be great to me (and travelling at the end of the year will feel more liberating!!). i don't really go out dressed up to shoot outfits anymore, but i'm still active on instagram and i recently uploaded two videos on youtube!! i've been super inspired by casey neistat, and i think it'll be cute to document bits and pieces of my last year of high school, so i think i'll probably be making some more little videos. ^_^



fragments of summer 15/16

three out of four exams are done!! since i have four free days until my last one, i spent the whole of today in the library (aircon and wifi - my new comfy place) editing this baby. i'm actually quite happy with how this one turned out!! hope you like it too, and welcome autumn :---)